Fitness Equipment Rental Edinburgh

Many people in Edinburgh now rent fitness equipment for their homes for many reasons including:

  • convenience – fitness equipment rental from a company allows you to exercise in your own home whenever suits you
  • cost – some people say they save money by renting equipment rather than paying every time that they go to the gym


You are most likely going to be encouraged to use the fitness equipment if you have paid the rental for a certain period of time as you will no doubt want your moneys worth and also if the equipment is in your home then it’s easy to go on and use it without having to get ready to head to a local gym. Here at Fitness Takeaway we offer fitness equipment rental in Edinburgh for different periods of time from the minimum 4 weeks right up until you are ready for the equipment to be collected. Hire periods are not set in stone, if you originally decide to take a 4 week hire but at the end want longer then it can be extended. We even have fitness equipment available for you to buy if you wish.

The fitness equipment that we have for rental in Edinburgh includes:

  • treadmills
  • vibro plates
  • cross trainers
  • rowing machines
  • magnetic cycles
  • multi gyms


In having this selection we have something to suit everyone, not only do we have a selection of equipment we also have different specs of equipment. We are always available to speak to if you have any questions regarding what equipment might suit you best, all you have to do is give us a call on 01236 767211. Our staff are all friendly and helpful so will give you the best advice that they can before you make your selection.