Fitness Equipment Hire Carmunnock

People call us from all over looking for a company who can provide them with fitness equipment hire and recently we have had several calls from people in Carmunnock looking for the services that we offer. We have been doing what we do since 1987 and in this time have built up a reputation for ourselves as being one of the best companies who provide fitness equipment hire.

Customer service is very important to us and it is something that we take seriously so if you call us up you will find friendly and helpful staff on the other end of the phone. Our staff do whatever they can to help our customers.

The range of fitness equipment that we have available for people in Carmunnock to hire includes:

  • multi gyms
  • vibration plates
  • rowing machines
  • gravity walkers
  • cross trainers
  • treadmills
  • magnetic cycles


We have something to suit everyone who comes to us. With our fitness equipment hire we also have machines with different specifications, when you go on to the hire section of our website you will see that we have bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages for you to check out. You can read more about each before selecting the package which would best suit you.

People in Carmunnock and all over opt to hire fitness equipment for their homes for different reasons but some that come up time and time again is the lack of time they have to commit to going to a gym regularly so in having the equipment in their home they are able to use it as and when they have some spare time. Some people tell us also that they feel more comfortable having the equipment at home where they can workout without feeling that others are watching them. Whatever the reason may be though we can help.

If you are considering hiring fitness equipment to use in your own home in Carmunnock then why not get in touch with us today.