Multi-Gym Hire Glasgow

We’re now officially in the summer season. Here at Fitness Takeaway, we don’t really buy into the idea of getting ‘in shape’ for bikini season. As long as you’re confident and buy for your shape, anyone can look good this summer. However, it is the perfect time to take control of your health and get fit. Seeing as being outside in the current climate is more of a pain than a pleasure; it is the perfect time to work out in a nice ventilated room. We know we’d rather spend our time indoors and working on our health rather than sitting outside and burning. However, maybe you don’t want to leave your home to go to the gym? After all, it kinda defeats the purpose of staying in. However, Fitness Takeaway has a solution for you. We rent out gym equipment so that you can exercise from the nice cool comfort of your own home. We offer equipment like multi-gym hires in Glasgow so that you can make the most of your spare time this summer.

We know that the popular idea is to have a nice lazy summer, but that is only fun for so long. Who wants to spend all their time doing nothing? A workout is a perfect way to take a break from doing nothing so that when you go back to it, you’ll actually appreciate the relaxation. It’s a productive way to spend time. As, regardless of what size you are, most of us could benefit from getting a little more exercise. Not only does exercising come with a host of physical benefits; but mental benefits too. According to the NHS, getting active is fantastic for your mental well-being. What you do with your body can have a powerful impact on your mental health. You don’t have to spend every day in the gym to get these benefits. Any form of exercise is good exercise, so just do what you enjoy. For those who don’t like the idea of going for a five-mile jog, our multi-gym hire in Glasgow is the perfect solution.

It is very often the case that when people discuss exercising, they tend towards thinking about aerobic exercises. Jogging, cycling and cross-trainers are all excellent activities that will improve your fitness, but they aren’t the only way to get a fantastic workout. If you’re wanting to tone up and build muscle, there are equipment options that are better suited. For example, a multi-gym is a fantastic way to get a full body workout. With a multi-gym, you will be able to perform a number of different exercises that work out different parts of your body. Our multi-gym hire in Glasgow can help you tone up your abs, back, arms, chest, legs and shoulders. It is a fantastic piece of equipment to have quick and easy access to in your home, purely because there is just so much you can do with it.

You can hire one of our multi-gyms for just £10 per week (at £100 for 10 weeks). Being that it means you don’t have to queue at a gym to access it, this is a fantastic price for an amazing opportunity. However, a multi-gym hire in Glasgow isn’t all we offer. Fitness Takeaway can also provide you with treadmills, cycles, cross-trainers, row machines and vibration fitness trainers. Best of all, if you fall in love with our equipment and don’t want to give it back, you don’t have to. For just a small fee, you can keep any of our equipment permanently. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to assist.