Multi-Gym Hire Port Glasgow


Now we are into the last month of the Spring, Summer is almost upon us. For most of us, this means that it is time to pack your bags and go on your Summer holiday. This also means that it is your last chance to get in perfect shape for going away. Whether this is bulking up and adding more muscle or simply just maintaining and toning your muscles we can help. Here at Fitness Takeaway, our multi-gym hire for the people of Port Glasgow is the ideal fitness equipment to get your last-minute workouts done helping you look good and feel good for going on your travels.

A multi-gym is a key piece of fitness equipment with many benefits. The main benefit of a multi-gym is that you can work many different muscle groups and areas of the body whether it is arms, back, shoulders, glutes, or legs without having to use a number of different machines making this the ideal piece of equipment for home workouts. This will save you the hassle of trying to get a last-minute gym membership or trying to find time to go to the gym whilst balancing your work and family life. This also would mean you can work out whenever you like for however long you like without anyone else waiting to use the equipment as you would normally find in most gyms.

The cost to hire one of our multi-gyms is £55 for a 4-week hire and if you would like to keep it afterwards to continue getting fitter and stronger throughout the year then not to worry you can purchase this with a one-off payment at the end of the hire. If you are in the Port Glasgow area and would like to hire one of our multi-gyms or find out more then please get in touch.