Rowing Machine Hire Carmyle

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or you are a regular when it comes to workout Fitness Takeaway has the perfect home equipment for you. With gyms becoming increasingly busier or with work and family commitments we understand that it is hard to fit in time for a workout. However, with our Rowing Machine hire available to the people in Carmyle you can get all the workout you need from the comfort of your own home meaning that you can squeeze in a fitness session whenever you have the time and don’t have to try and fit it into your schedule.

The Rowing Machine is one of the most undervalued pieces of fitness equipment in the gym. It offers a full range of workouts for all different muscle groups both upper and lower body as well as a cardio workout. This will help tone your arms legs and core muscles and also increase your stamina and fitness. There are many different workouts you can do whether it is short anaerobic workout such as 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest going as fast as you can go or a more aerobic workout such as a 20-minute row at a steadier pace but for a much longer time.

We offer a great deal on the cost of our rowing machines costing just £50 for a 4-week hire of our silver rowing machine and as well as this we give you the option to purchase the machine for a one-off fee at the end of the hire if you have been impressed with it and do not wish to part with it.

If you are in the Carmyle area and would like to take advantage of our rowing machine hire or would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact us.