Rowing Machine Hire Greenock

Now that summer is nearly over it does not mean that your workouts should stop. Most people only workout over the spring and summer months as they feel that is all that is required to get a ‘summer bod’. However, this is not true and getting in shape and keeping in shape is an all-year-round commitment. Here at Fitness Takeaway, we offer great deals on Rowing Machines to the people in the Greenock area so that you can work out all year round all from the comfort of your own home.

The rowing machine is often one of the most undervalued pieces of equipment in the gym with most people preferring to use machines such as treadmills as they feel they are easier to use. However, the rowing machine is just as simple to use and is more advantageous as it works a lot of muscle groups such as your arms, shoulders, back, and legs as well as your cardio so on this machine your full body is getting a workout. There are numerous types of workouts you can do on the rowing machine from long-distance rows working your aerobic fitness to short intervals working your anaerobic fitness. This is hugely beneficial as opposed to other machines such as treadmills due to the fact you are getting a full-body workout whereas on machines like treadmill and the exercise bike it is only your legs which are getting the benefit.

At Fitness Takeaway, we offer our bronze rowing machine for hire at just £40 for 8 weeks. This is a great deal when you consider how important a piece of fitness equipment this is. Another great deal we can offer is that if you try it and decide that you can’t part with it then not to worry, it could be yours for a small one-off fee to continue your fitness journey.

If you are in the Greenock area and would like to find out more or hire one of our rowing machines then please contact us.