Rowing Machine Hire Polmadie

With Summer just around the corner, many of us decide that now is the time to get in shape for going away on holiday. We all want that perfect beach body so now is the perfect time to start. However, with Christmas out the way this is the same idea most people have and around this time gyms become increasingly busy and machines are harder to access. This is where Fitness Takeaway can help we offer great deals on the hire of a rowing machine for people in the Polmadie area. This is extremely helpful as you can work out at any time you like from the comfort of your own house this means you don’t have to fit time to go to the gym into your schedule you can simply work out whenever you have free time.

The rowing machine is a key piece of gym equipment as it works a lot of muscle groups all over your body. A workout on the rowing machine will help your arms, legs, and back as well as your cardio. This is what separates it from the other machines as rather than just work a particular set of muscles the rowing machine is benefiting all the different muscle groups. There are numerous workouts both aerobic and anaerobic that you can do on the rowing machine. A 20-minute workout is ideal as this would help build muscle and reduce fat.

Here at Fitness Takeaway, we offer a fair deal on the price to hire our rowing machines with it costing only £50 for 4 weeks hire for our silver rowing machine. When you take into consideration the cost of a gym membership plus the cost of travelling there and back then this is a good investment. Also, if you are feeling the benefits of the rowing machine and would like to continue using it then we will then allow you to purchase it for a one-off fee once your hire is over.

If you are in the Polmadie area and are interested in our rowing machine hire then feel free to get in contact with us where one of our team will be delighted to help you out with hiring the machine or any questions that you may have.