Rowing Machine Hire Port Glasgow


In this day and age keeping fit and healthy is becoming more and more common, however trying to balance your work and family life as well as going to the gym is very difficult. Here at Fitness Takeaway, we understand this and we do great deals for the hire of a rowing machine to the people in the Port Glasgow area so that you can work out from home without having to find the time to go to the gym.

The rowing machine is an excellent piece of gym equipment which is often overlooked as it seems a little bit more complicated than another machine such as the treadmill or the exercise bike. The truth is it is very simple to use and compared to the treadmill your arms and legs will feel the burn and get a good workout as well as it being excellent for your cardio. With the rowing machine, you can do various different exercises both aerobic and anaerobic. For example, you can do short 30 seconds on 30 seconds off bursts for your anaerobic fitness or you could a longer 20-minute row for your aerobic fitness. Both will provide a good workout for your arms, legs, core, and cardio.

Our deals at Fitness Takeaway are fair and of huge benefit to the customers. We offer our silver rowing machine out for hire for only £50 for the month. This is a great deal if you take into consideration the cost of a gym membership nowadays as well as travel to and from the gym. Also if you feel the benefits and are a fan of the rowing machine then it could be yours to purchase for a one-off fee after your hire is up.

If you are in the Port Glasgow area and would like to hire one of our rowing machines then please do not hesitate to contact us.