Treadmill Hire Ayr

If you’ve ever been to a gym at 5 pm on a weekday, you know what an absolute nightmare it is to get near the more coveted equipment. Remember having to wait to get on the swing-set as a child and how frustrating it was? That’s exactly what it feels like when you’re waiting to get on a treadmill on a weekday. This is particularly a problem in areas that are highly populated for its size, for example, the town of Ayr with its population of over 46,000. Thankfully your days of awkward lingering around a treadmill for ten minutes are soon to come to an end, as Fitness Takeaway offer a treadmill hire in Ayr.

They are, and always have been, the top-selling piece of aerobic equipment available on the market. It’s easy to see why treadmills are such a popular piece of gym equipment. First of all, it’s very easy to use. Everyone knows how to run, even if they don’t want to. When you first enter a gym, you are met with a number of strange torture devices, and a treadmill is definitely a friendly face among them all. You just hop on, and you run. You don’t have to sneakily google instructions before attempting to use it, and you don’t have to ask anyone for help. Literally, anyone can use it and get fantastic results from it.

However, just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s boring. You have the option of differing workout intensities. You can choose to go for a long jog or make it part of a more intensive interval training routine. By setting the treadmill at different inclines, you can get a more difficult workout that will tone your legs and lead to firmer muscles. To keep your mind off things, you can watch television, listen to music or even play a game while jogging or walking. Running on a treadmill means you can safely exercise and multitask.

Imagine having access to all these benefits without even having to leave your house, nevermind not having to wait in a queue. With a treadmill hire in Ayr with Fitness Takeaway, you can rent a treadmill for a number of weeks and able to use it whenever you like. No longer will you have to slot going to the gym around your daily routine, you’ll be able to use the treadmill for fifteen minutes without it causing any disruption. If you love the experience of having easy access to a treadmill, you can even purchase one off of us. For more information, feel free to get in contact! Our friendly team can’t wait to hear from you.