Treadmill Hire Glasgow

Considering the purchase of a treadmill but not ready to commit to the outlay? Our treadmill hire service in Glasgow allows you to lease the equipment before deciding if you want to make a purchase or just hire. Often the thought of owning your own treadmill is vastly appealing, though deliberating whether the large price tag is worth it can be difficult. Fitness Takeaway acts like a library/video store where you can choose which treadmill best suits you to rent and select the number of weeks you would like to hire it for. Not everybody has the time to visit the gym or stick to a strict exercise schedule, so the opportunity to exercise at home offers flexibility through our treadmill hire in Glasgow. Whether you’re looking to keep fit, get in shape for an occasion or just for fun our Glasgow treadmill hire could provide you with the quality equipment you need.

Treadmills may seem straightforward or boring, but the system gives you a great scope of exercises to try out. Whether you prefer upholding walking to sprints or high intensity over long distance theres many exercises to try out.

What’s great about our treadmill service is you have the ability to buy the treadmill after the rental period should you wish to. Often the high price tags of gym equipment can turn customers away from making a purchase though with a trial period you can purchase with certainty that you’ll use the item.

Visiting the gym isn’t for everybody. Although gyms are designed to cater for everybody and make everyone welcome this often isn’t the case and people can find themselves feeling self conscious and out of place. By moving the equipment to the comfort of your own home, you can carry out exercises without comparing yourself to others. Your choice of treadmill hire could be the first steps of your fitness journey and attaining your goals. If knowing how to exercise is an issue, the abundance of youtube fitness videos can guide you through with expertise and certainty.

Our treadmill hire offers an abundance of packages and models; bronze, silver, gold and platinum which are all different specs and cater to different lengths of rental period. Short term rental begins at four weeks ranging to a long term rental period of 12 weeks or even longer should you wish.

To get in touch and hire one of our treadmills in Glasgow either submit a form on our rental page or contact via phone 01236 767211 or email