Treadmill Hire Greenock


Running is proven to be good for both your mental and physical health. However, running outside on the road is difficult especially now we are coming into autumn and winter with the weather conditions worsening and with the treadmill being one of the most popular machines in the treadmill you will find yourself queuing to get on to the machine. This is where Fitness Takeaway comes in, we offer great deals on treadmill hire to the people in the Greenock area so that you don’t need to worry about going out in the cold weather to run or queue up in the gym, you can simply use the treadmill from the comfort of your own home.

Running every day will have huge benefits for your life. There are numerous different workouts you can do on the treadmill from short exercises like 30 seconds on 30 seconds on to longer ones like 4×4 minute runs with a two-minute break in between each one. If you don’t feel you are up to doing workouts such as them then running for just 30 minutes at a pace you feel comfortable with will still be of huge benefit. As well as keeping your body fit and healthy running will also help relieve stress, so after a stressful day at work coming home and running on the treadmill will help you relax and forget about the stress of your work life.

At Fitness Takeaway, we offer a great deal on the hire of our silver treadmill costing only £60 for a 4-week hire and we even throw in an extra week free! Also if you felt the huge benefits of the treadmill and didn’t want to part with it then not to worry it could be all yours for a one-off payment after your hire is up so you could continue with your fitness journey.

If you are from the Greenock area and are interested in one of our treadmills then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.